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for the good stuff. barack obama does not reflect out on all the rest of us, right. he's brilliant so the rest of you can be brilliant. we can be athletic. we can be criminal, but the good behavior does not. when a white person does something bad in columbine or what have you, that does not reflect on all of them in the racist mind on how our behavior reflects on all of us. >> again, he made certain assumptions about this young man based on his color. and it seemed to me what the defense was trying to say was it's okay that he did that. because all these others had been in this neighborhood. >> you assume that he's a criminal. >> and that's criminal that they did that. >> indeed. >> i wish we had more time, but thank you so much. we're going to take a quick break. we're going to be right back with a live report from kerry sanders in sanford, florida. stay with us. ♪ you're not made of money, so don't overpay for boat insurance. geico, see how much you could save. >>> we continue to follow the trial of george zimmerman. kerry sanders is following breaking news out of sanford, florida. what's
. the white house is warning russia not to harbor snowden. >> mr. snowden is not a human rights activist or a dissident. he's accused of leaking classified information. >> reporter: president obama himself raised the snowden situation with president puten in a phone call friday night. the two leaders will hold a summit in moscow in just six weeks. u.s. officials have signaled that if snowden is still here, obama may not come. there's no saying how much longer snowden will remain here stuck at the airport. but he's made two things clear. he can't stay forever. and that the ball is in vladimir putin's court. dan and paula? >> kirit, thank you. >>> let's go to a geopolitical story of a different variety now. in our ally, great britain, this morning, they are on high alert. not because of a security threat. because of the impending arrival of a royal baby. let's go back to bianna in london. they have an elaborate plan to roll out the news when it comes. walk us through it. >> here's what we know. we believe the duchess is due to go into labor, any day, any hour, any minute now, quite frankly
. >>> what will the second half of the year bring? the impact of obama care, immigration reform and what's it have to do with interest rates and stocks pchlts cocktails for the big holiday weekend. big business and booze. it all starts right now. . cockt big holiday weekend. big business and booze. it all starts right now. cockta weekend. big business and booze. it all starts right now. > cockt weekend. big business and booze. it all starts right now. > cockty weekend. big business and booze. it all starts right now. > cockt holiday weekend. big business and booze. it all starts right now. >>> first, let me send it over to bill griffeth with a look at headlines this week. >>> here's a look at what's making news as we head into a new week on the money. a stronger than expected jobs report for the month of june. the economy created 195,000 jobs and the unemployment rate stayed the same at 7.6% as more people re-entered the work force. markets higher at the open on friday during a holiday short rned week that had the stocks watching turmoil in the middle east, anticipating earnings season n
the friction right now that has developed between these two presidents, presidents karzai and president obama. >>> flooding leaves hundreds of passengers stranded for hours on a train in toronto. historic rains overwhelmed the city's drainage system and submerged the rail line. police had to go out in boats and pull the commuters out one by one. the cleanup in canada continues this morning and tens of thousands of customers remain without power. >>> the country singer randy travis is in critical condition at a texas hospital this morning. the 54 year old is being treated for a viral heart infection. travis apparently had been feeling fine until sunday, according to a spokesman. it's not clear what caused his infection. >>> there are fears of renewed violence in egypt today with funerals set for some of the mohamed morsi supporters who were killed in monday clashes with security forces. at the same time, egypt's interim leader is moving forward with election plans, angering backers of the deposed president morsi. following all this from cairo, another potentially violent day out there in cairo
morsi's ouster should be labelled a coup, but he warned that cutting off aid right away would not be in the best interests of the united states. nbc's first read today noted that we should expect obama administration to take a more hands-on approach to what happened in egypt than it did two and a half years ago. when mubarak was ousted. but how much influence does the u.s. really have? howard fineman "huffington post" and msnbc political analyst. joel ruben is former egypt desk officer at the state department. mr. ruben, you're the perfect person to ask about this coup question and significance of the lack of funding if all of a sudden it gets cut. how should this play itself out? >> well, michael, right now there's still chaos on the streets in cairo. there's blood on the streets, quite literally, and what we need to make sure is that this powder keg doesn't have a match lit to it and we need to not wade into a situation where cutting aid precipitously right now is that match. so there is an assessment under way. we have a chance, now, to engage the egyptians across the whole
with the government of afghanistan, they are telling newspapers president barack obama has become increasingly frustrated with afghan president hamid karzai and is now giving greater weight to pull in all troops out of afghanistan by 2014, an idea that j kearney is not out right dismissing. ey is not out right dismissing. >> this may be met by a residual force of u.s. troops in afghanistan, or they may be through other means. there are other ways, and there are other ways, obviously, to continue our efforts against remnants of al qaeda. >> he went on to say that president obama is not going to make the decision anytime soon, and that leaves the story out there, perhaps putting even more pressure on president karzai. >> the fledgling air force could face major problems if the u.s. withdraws completely. jennifer reports from kabul. >> afghanistan once had the strongest airforce in the region, and now, it's a fighter jets are abandoned. the force is mainly made up of russian helicopters and small planes, and their main job is to move cargo and personnel and transport people who have been killed o
right. up next, "the pulse." "the view" changing after a surprise announcement from one of the hosts. >>> and president obama crashes a kids' party. coming face-to-face with a pint-sized press corps. . k9 advantix ii not only kills fleas and ticks, it also repels most ticks before they can attach. the leading brand kills, but doesn't repel. a tick that isn't repelled or killed may attach and make a meal of us. get veterinarian recommended k9 advantix ii! >>> topping your wednesday "pulse," one of the women of "the view" will be waking up a whole lot earlier. >> today is elisabeth hasselbeck's last day on "the view" on abc. she will move to the fox news channel. barbara walters wished her well, saying they've had ten wonderful years with her. and she will be now swimming in new waters. >> now 36, joined "the view" after gaining fame on the reality show, "survivor." her new gig starts in september. >>> kids who won a lunch with michelle obama got quite a surprise. they were at the white house for a state dinner. 54 children. they submitted winning recipes for healthy foods like bring i
nominee in 2016 isn't just starting from scratch. >> all right, teddy goth, precision strategies, former digital director for the obama campaign. thank you for joining us. we'll see you next time. >> funding for charlie rose has been provided by its coca-cola company, supporting this program since 200 --. >> an american express. additional funding provided by these funders captioning sponsored by rose communications captioned by media access group at wgbh
people don't want that. obama barely got over 50%. host: all right, let's get back to the question of the fill buster and what you think of that. jimmy, georgia, independent caller. hi, jimmy. go ahead. caller: hi. yes, go ahead, i just want to say a nuclear fell buster and do away with filibusters, because they do everything they can to wreck the country. there's one thing i'd like to say. i was a republican, but i was a union member, but i've heard so much stuff about the republicans, about the union members that you know why the union was ever started in the south? because the republican party paid them nothing. they were working them like slaves. i mean, if you got a job, you couldn't get one that paid anything and enough to live on, and this guy is talking about, oh, the food stamps, food stamps. well, pay them and you won't have to have food stamps. that's what makes me sick. they make trillions of dollars. they like this energy partner. what do you zphp you got to raise something. that's all they ever think about doing. ake, take, take. all they can take -- all they can talk
as whatever the verdict is to do the right thing and we have to stop picking at old scabs and trying to cause trouble. >> greta, does it bother you that president obama said he wouldn't way in on the gosnell trial but will weigh in on certain things, he'll cherry pick issues he feels are beneficial? >> reporter: i lived in washington way too long to be disturbed by things like that, i say sort of jokingly. i would hope if the president had a chance to think about it would like a do over. the president shouldn't be weighing in on these trials. maybe there's some that he should, but one that is likely to cause so much pain, we don't know the facts. not one of us was out there. not one of us. that's the reason we have the courtroom. we piece it together by little bits and pieces, from statements of the defendant, challenge in video tapes, whether it is forensic evidence, we have a system to try to resolve it, rather than the microphone. the microphone is not where you're supposed to seek justice. we don't know what happened that night, but we have all agreed, these six people will decide it for
the power. you attack the power in two ways if you're a republican. you go after voting rights and try to take down the signature legislation of president obama's legacy which is health care for 30 million more americans. my struggle on all of this is that why aren't the democrats putting universal health care on the table to be aggressive and go to the next level? i think the democrats have been taken off guard by this relentless pursuit of suppressing the vote and going after the voting rights act. the only thing democrats can do right now is communicate. get out in front of the cameras. make sure you're out with the people explaining the great injustice that this is to americans and how suppressing workers rights, suppressing equals rights, the way they're going after women's rights in all of these republican states, the only way to fight back is through information, heart and design and the democrats are going to have to realize the new age and suck it up and be the leaders on this. the next question, will sarah palin really leave the gop and start a freedom party? very short answe
at this the right way like i do. when i heard marco rubio cheerleading, they don't get obama care, immediately i said to myself, my goodness, that's terrible because, as patriotic as i am -- and i've been an entrepreneur since i've been 18 years old -- i understand that the cost of health care is the difference between a business sinking or swimming. so now all of a sudden, i have my american workers, 60 people here, and i could hire illegal immigrants legally and not have to give them obama care? i saved $5,000 per head, and that is enough for me, as patriotic as i am, to say i'm sorry. you need to go home, and i'm going to hire these folks. i could do it legally. even when they say, they're not going to get welfare benefits, we're going to have to give it to them instead. this is a pathway to disaster, and we will never understand until it happens that america will never be the america we know. we will go down to a one party system, which is no good for anybody, whether you're republican or democrat. we will have unprecedented unemployment. and as we saw in the last segment, each one of these
thought about five people could be. >> i doubt it comes from larry summers, too. you're right. it doesn't help. >> call the people up saying please be quiet. >> then obama says, you know, bernanke's already served longer than i thought. as if maybe he was going to give it to him before the second term. then he gave it to bernanke and sort of surprised him. >> presumption in the story was he came into the white house to be national economic council chairman with the understanding that his next job would be fed chairman. i doubt they would have promised it to anybody. >> why is yellen always thought of as a front-runner? >> she was there throughout the -- people don't give her enough credit. she was there during the financial crisis. she was the right hand during this -- you know, during this whole period. >> before inflating the financial crisis. >> also first woman fed chair would be historic. there's a thing for obama to do. >> ben and stephanie, stick around. we're going to take a quick break. when we come back, we will unveil fortune's global 500. that's the list of the largest corpo
priority. right? which, at one time, john boehner said at one time, barack obama said and i'm sure others have said you may not believe it but we don't seem to get that sustained attention to this issue. have we reached -- your calls welcome. we'll get to them in a second at 1-866-55-press. have we reached a point where we have to accept that -- i don't know 5%, 6% unemployment is the best we can hope and maybe even some percent. that's where it's going to be in this country from now on? >> 5% would be fine. that tends to be what economists call the natural rate of unemployment. there are always people leaving and finding new jobs and 5% has been the generally accepted level for that. 6% is the level that many economists start to worry we're getting to. we're bumping that up permanently. 7 would be really bad. 6 is not great. 7 would be really bad. you start to look more like europe and this more ossified labor markets. particularly trying to crack into that as a young person that, gets really hard. we don't want millions of people permanently off the working rolls or out of the work forc
and don't. right wing wanted the irs out of obama care and getting their wish partially. to some case the irs will not check your income statement. unfortunately this obama care has gotten underfunded because the republicans don't want to fund. it i think it is constant rod blocks to getting it implemented despite the law passed in to law. and you are seeing the consequences, no money for the vast expansion of irs or treasury overhall to see that people are validating the real income. >> and so mark, is that it, not enough money to enforce that, is that why? >> i don't think so. i think it is funny when julie brings up the irs. the obama irs grilled te party groups in order to get tax exempt status, but obama care subsidies they rely on self reporting without further veriction. and the best part of it is, the reason they gave for waving the veriction requirement. and i am quoting them. it was not feas ebl to check the eligibility of individuals. so we are learning from the obama administration amazingly that it is not feasible to check the eligible of tens of millions of americans com
her. so they would know, it's not a real song, and it's a problem. six years ago, when obama took office, clubs get significantly worse. it's not a sexy metaphor, it seems smaller. but an um brel a it's huge. >> all right, from tears to jeers, is he the bain for calling her plain. john caught the spot from comments he made who won the first wimbledon title. here is what he said about the player before the championship? >> i wonder if it's her dad, i wonder if her dad did say to her when she was 12, 13, 14, maybe, listen, you are never going to be a looker, you're never going to be somebody like sharapova, you are going to have to compensate for that. you are going to have to be the most dogged determined fighter that anyone has ever seen on the tennis court. on sunday, he apologized and he said he meant that she does not fit the public perception of the 6 foot tall athlete and thes a fantastic example for all women and that attitude and will and determination together, that talent will get you to the top. for her part, she claims that his comments did not matter saying i'm not blo
secretary of state. the firm is called 272 strategies and is run by the top two field aides from the obama campaign. and the news is being seen as a sign that obama world is embracing a potential clinton candidacy in 2016. we'll be right back. [ brent ] now steve's looking pretty good so far. [ herbie ] eh, hold on brent, what's this? mmmm, nice car. there's no doubt, that's definitely gonna throw him off. she's seen it too. oh this could be trouble. [ sentra lock noise ] oh man. gotta think fast, herbie. back pedal, back pedal. [ crowd cheering ] oh, he's down in flames and now the ice-cold shoulder. one last play... no, game over! gps take him to the dog house. [ male announcer ] make a powerful first impression. the all-new nissan sentra. ♪ the all-new nissan sentra. she's always been able it's just her but your erectile dysfunction - that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and
is being seen as a sign that obama world is embracing a potential clinton candidacy in 2016. we'll be right back. >>> welcome back to "hardball." we've been shining a light on the people and organizations hurt most by the across-the-board arbitrary spending cuts known as the sequester in a series segment that we called "the unkindest cut." in "the huffington post" reporter sam stein has been doing the same thing. this week one of the programs that he focused on was head start. as you can see from the headlines, the cuts are affecting people across the country in ohio, minnesota, alabama, and new york state. in washington, defense secretary chuck hagel outlined the damaging effects these sequester cuts will have in his area, national security. in a letter to senators carl levin and james inhofe of the senate armed services committee, he wrote if the cuts continue, the department will have to make sharp cuts with far-reaching consequences, including limiting combat power, reducing readiness and undermining the national security interests of the united states. the defense secretary carries a l
be conferenced with the senate, so we'll just have to see. >> all right. thank you both for being with us. thanks for your time and insight today. >> great to be here. >>> president obama and russian president vladimir putin have spoken about edward snowden who remains in the moscow airport today. the fugitive nsa leaker briefly emerged from hiding to meet with a human rights group. and snowden announced he hopes to stay in russia for the time being and actually had some harsh words for the u.s. joining me now to sort all this out from moscow is nbc's jim maceda. jim, thanks for being with us. i want to start with asking you, before we get to this phone call, it doesn't appear snowden's time in isolation has really broken his resolve any. >> reporter: no, it doesn't seem like it has, betty. some criminal profilers we spoke to earlier said that after about three weeks of being effectively under house arrest, snowden would begin to see his reality come crashing down on him, but he appeared to many in that room with him a little nervous, but very defiant. the world hadn't seen edward snowden for thr
to deport people on a meaningful basis. for instance right now there is a union within the immigration send customs enforcement unit and those officers complain that what the obama administration won't let them do are two things that are very crucial to their jobs. one is to actually detained folks who are here illegally and two is to deport them. the obama administration has kind of adopted this policy that once you you were here unless you have committed some sort of serious crime i mean the administration is not going to spend that much time deporting you or spend too many resources on things like that. and so what you have is an immigration policy -- policy that is not doesn't have a whole lot of teeth. when people don't think that there is severe punishment or severe consequences to coming here illegally, then obviously we have a broken system. i do believe that you should make this country far more favorable to skilled immigrants overseas. there are far more people that would provide a lot of help to our economy and who would provide their skills and their expertise and every year fol
, right? >> i love it. >> save recipes. a 12-year-old girl has a great summer story to share. kids' state dinner at the white house. rose scott won the invite to dine with the obamas. her recipe for pork and ftofu lettuce cups. healthy challenge sponsored by michelle obama. 1300 entries submitted. rose's selected aamong three other california finalists. look at all of the cameras. >> getting kids thinking about healthy eating. >> everything that involves it. what an honor. >> pork and lettuce tofu cups. >> maybe? >> 4:56. plane landing at sfo evacuated last night. more from one of the men on board next. >>> why the legal team investigating the san bruno explosion wants a massive fine against pg&e dropped. >>> a live look at the asiana air flight 214 this morning. the ntsb still working very hard out there gathering up information from the crash site. bob redell out there getting ready to speak to the chair of the ntsb. we'll have a live update next. >>> a live look at san francisco international where the wreckage of asiana air flight 214 still on the runway. ntsb continues to reveal new
a prescription drug benefit, the largest expansion of medicare since it was created. >> host: right. >> guest: you know, the biggest change in health care policy up until obama's health care reform. >> host: uh-huh. >> guest: two big social welfare issues there, and there's a lot of issues on social,s because for the first time there's republicans in control of the presidency in both houses of congress so the partial abortion act was passed at this time, and president bush had two nominees to the supreme court, and they really shift the balance of power in the court, particularly on issues of women's rights so when you replace sandra day o'connor that had a big change on women's rights issues. whereas the partial birth abortion ban was originally declared unconstitutional and o'connor was the swing vote there; then years later, similar legislation declared constitutional by the roberts' court, and, of course, there's the ledbetter fair act going through that case going through the court at that time. >> host: right. seems to me that abortion was an under current for a lot of the issues that t
be heard in 2008, president obama won the state in beenouth, and who have fighting this very aggressive, far right wing attack on rights in the state that have come to a head over the last couple of years. they have been visible and inspiring in showing what we can do when we come together, one for all and all for one. at the same time, we've seen big victories on voting rights in states just north. some of them below the mason- dixon line. a couple of weeks ago, governor bob mcdonnell took the last of the jim crow voter suppression, the lifetime ban of formerly incarcerated people voting. [applause] do what we may not have done today, clap for a republican. -- reality is that it will they were extremely courageous. i bagged cain to do the exact same thing when he was on his way to be the governor of the dnc. this franchise reinvention eyes 200,000 virginia voters -- these are working people likely to be democratic voters. he is a civil rights voter edits and easy argument. he argued some principles that i couldn't even recognize. earlye go to mcdonald's in his tenure and he says i beli
is probably going to leave his post and the obama administration will name somebody new and that will come with a lot of queasiness for the markets. >> bernanke tried to say we're on the right path. just relax. >> he's been trying to calm them. they've had this whole strategy of trying to explain themselves more to the market and it hasn't worked out terribly well. it hasn't had the intended effect of assuring markets they're going to keep their foot on the gas until they see a little bit better and there's no signs they're going to start tapering quite yet but even the mention that they will. >> even the mere threat. >> yeah. >> so sensitive, those markets. >> they really are. >> bizarre. >> let's go to thomas now for the morning's other top stories. what are we looking at, thomas? >> let's bring everybody up to speed on what we've been watching. after hearing from 18 witnesses the defense has rested its case in the murder trial of george zimmerman. yesterday the big question was whether or not the neighborhood watch volunteer should actually take the stand in his own defense. nbc's ron m
pounds. she lost 155 pounds on the show. all right. gretch, over to you. >> gretchen: thanks very much. remember the life of julia from president obama's 2012 campaign? a tale of how one girl was dependent on government aid from cradle to grave. one organization wants to rewrite that story and inspire women to be independent. joining me is initiative national spokes person, rachel duffy. tell us about this initiative. what is it? >> it's an organization that educates hispanics -- we know they want the american dream, but there is a system called free enterprise that allows them to access that dream. so we promote self-reliance, especially with this campaign that we're doing right now. we want to tell girls that there is a different alternative than julia, someone who needs government at every turn. so we're offering a all kinds of tips and advice on how to live and to celebrate women who are already living that life of earn success and independence, economic independence. >> gretchen: so if people don't remember back to the 2012 campaign, the president had this life of julia campaign.
. joining me now, nbc news justice correspondent pete williams. pete, appreciate your visiting with us right now. janet napolitano, the second senior security official to leave the obama administration on the heels of fbi director robert mueller. did this come as a surprise to most people, would you say? >> yes, i think so. we had thought perhaps that if eric holder were to leave at the justice department earlier that janet napolitano would have wanted to go to the justice department. she's a former federal prosecutor, u.s. attorney and she has that legal background and she's actually made no mystery of the fact that she was interested in that but holder seems like he is going to stay in the job perhaps another year or so. at least a longer time than shy had perhaps thought. she's been looking around. it is a tough job to do the job of homeland security. are you reading all that intelligence every day and this was an offer that came to her and she just felt all the timing was right and decided to take up the position. so she'll leave some time in the fall. >> she was of course one of the pre
staunchly opposed. the bishops say the regulations prove the obama administration is hostile toward religious freedom. churches, synagogues and mosques are exempt. so, is this latest compromise still a violation of free exer sees rights under r under the constitution. >> absolutely not. this is a matter of separation of church and state. >> i do think it is coercive to have individuals and companies have to pay for something that they don't want to pay for. >> the catholic hospitals have to provide services or pay for the services their rights to religion expression is violated. >> still definitely a problem. it's assuming that contraception is the number one concern for all women. >> wait a second. first, i want to get first to the constitution and meaning of the free exercise clause. i'm a little confused because it's clearly churches within churches and society in general have a right to exercise their religion the way they see feet. does that -- do you think framers meant to extend that to businesses, the churches in the form of hospitals or other nonprofit. >> why not their sup
one of the toughest abortion laws in the land. plus, the delay of a key component of obama care. the employer mandate. we will ask our sunday panel what it means for the president's signature domestic issue. all right now on "fox news sunday." >> john: and hello again from fox news in washington. we will get to the situation in egypt in a moment. first, the latest on that deadly crash landing in san francisco. a national transportation safety board team arrived early this morning to begin its investigation into the crash of asiana flight 214. the boeing 777 slammed into the runway on saturday morning, killing at least two people and injuring dozens more. our adam housely is at san francisco international airport and joins us with the latest on the crash. good morning, adam. >> good morning, john. the california ntsb team was here within hours and then joined by the washington, d.c. team overnight. they had a chance to get out there and gate preliminary look as their investigation is now well underway. two black boxes have been recovered in good condition. they have already been
of a key component of obama care, the employer mandate. we will ask our sunday panel what it means for the president's signature domestic issue, all, right now, on "fox news sunday." hello, from fox news in washington, dc. we will get to the situation in egypt in a moment. first, the latest on the crash landing in san francisco. the national transportation safety board team arrived this morning to begin their investigation into the crab of asiana flight 214. the boeing 777 slammed into the runway on saturday morning killing two people and injuring dozens more. our reporter is in san francisco international airport with the latest on the crash. >> the california ntsb was leader in hours and joined by the washington, dc team overnight with a chance to get out there with a preliminary look at the investigation now is well underway. they say the two black boxes have been involved in very good condition. they have been thrown back to washington, dc, are being analyzed to guide the investigation. they say when you look at the wreckage, it is amazing so many people walked away from the cr
because they're prepared right. >> even skeptics at "the washington post" got in on the action, facetiously complaining obama's assertion was like saying that your favorite computer game is microsoft el and calling for his impeachment. we've seen tempers flare over this subject. the broccoli debate of 1990. president bush 41 weighing in on the controversial vegetable. >> i do not like broccoli! and i haven't liked it since i was a little kid. and my mother made me eat it. and i'm president of the united states. and i'm not going to eat any more broccoli. >> in response this that comment the broccoli growers of california presented 10,000 pounds of the vegetable to the white house, half a ton of broccoli which first lady barbara bush received with h her -- >> we are leaving several boxes of the product here for your use at the white house. >> thank you. >> with some very good new recipes which you might use that you just might intrigue the president to take the plunge under the wouldn'ter wonderful world of fresh vegetable. >> i'm going to overlook the fact you think my cooking'
to go to washington to -- >> right. jenna: -- be part of the checks and balances of government. and if the president's commitment -- and, you know, president bush also talked about iran not getting nuclear weapons, it's not just president obama in this. >> exactly. jenna: what about that check on power about whether or not there is the people and our representatives to check whether or not that commitment is the right one? >> thank you, jenna, for that question. one of the central reasons why the president now has such enormous power to go to war, to stop a war, to enhance a war is because the congress, which is supposed to be the check on presidential authority, the congress on the issue of war and peace has gone on vacation. and it's been on vacation now for decades. and increasingly as the congress becomes irrelevant in the making of foreign policy, the president picks up the power that congress has left on the streets. and so it isn't that a president whether democratic or republican seizes more authority, it was simply there, and the president moves to accumulate more and
for and established really at the start of the civil rights act 1964. people don't really focus on its role and it seems to be more active under the obama administration. basically they are sent down to rallies like this to provide kind of conciliation, support, and they have agents that stand out in the crowd with these blue wind breakers on and these gold badges. they don't carry weapons. but they are there to kind of monitor and quote facilitate. other types of rallies. tea party rallies, make sure the tea partiers are safe and it's all civil rights generated? >> it's supposed to be a federal civil rights priority to have in this group of individuals dispatched by the justice department to offer, you know, support and. >> bill: maybe protection and monitoring and all of that? >> exactly. and they facilitate conversations between religious leaders and community activists. it's very strange. >> bill: yeah. but here's the deal. if this justice department group, being paid for by the taxpayers, under the charge of the attorney general holder, if they were organizing or if they were paying fo
: border security fyi, has increased under obama's watch. >> but they don't care about details like that. >> like getting in a plane with whilely post. >> stephanie: that's right. all right then. yes, the president, by the way is pushing house republicans on immigration. good luck with that. ♪ >> stephanie: do i have something? >> no, i had an itch. >> stephanie: every time you do that i have something on my face. >> no usually i'm looking at you. >> stephanie: i'm starting to lose more feeling in my face. >> as you have more and more work done you have less and less feeling in your face. there are only so many times you can cut up your face without damaging every single nerve there. >> i can't feel something in many face. >> stephanie: didn't i have something green yesterday -- >> yeah you had three green vertical stripes on your face. >> stephanie: president obama -- have you seen this? somebody was saying last week on the sunday's show. this has ever republican goal in there, right? expand the economy 3.3% reduce the federal deficit by almost 850 billion over 20 ye
bill. gwen: while slicing money for nutrition programs out of a big farm bill. the obama administration searches for a diplomatic resolution in egypt. >> there is a crisis in egypt. gwen: and the politics at home have complicated. n texas, where the uproar over abortion rights have spread to other states, as in new york, where voters are being asked to test their powers of forgiveness. >> i would like to serve
there floating social security numbers while they were there. >> all right. so we are getting reports of problems for president obama's health care law roll out. in the last couple of months, it is one head loin after orth with these. including a story on may 2nd about part- time workers and how they could get their hours cut so employers don't have to cover health insurance and they would lose out on health insurance at work. and this head loin on john 13th, associated press noted that the president's health care law may be unaffordable for low wage workers and the a p reported that getting face time with the family doctor is harder and you will mote a lot of people who have health insurance and that make its tougher to see the family doctors and in the last week we saw the beg news on how the administration delays part of the plan until 2015 and so that the growing pains are the question here and whether or not it is a sign of a serious problem with the roll out and when it will happen. >> we have lesly and chris. welcome to both of you. >> hi, martha. >> lesly, let's start with you. i am imagi
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